you should be aware

After the apocalypse, Haiti will probably become a superpower, so get on their good side by going to Myriad Creatures’ Benefit for Potters For Peace this Friday in good ol dirty Bushwick.

Here’s some information ’bout it from the facepage:

Join us for our first show, where proceeds from the event will go to build much needed water filters in Haiti and around the world! 

There will be amazing art for sale, great music, and free wine!

Help us put our creative power to good purpose and come party with us! 

Potters For Peace has been assisting in the production worldwide of a low-tech, low-cost, colloidal silver-enhanced ceramic water purifier, shown to effectively eliminate approximately 99.88% of most water born disease agents. $10 at the door 

Featuring the ART of: 

Goga Kuvt
Isabella Constan-Toth
Eric Alonso
Leila Morrissey
Marilyn Rondon
Elizabeth Sweigart

with MUSIC from: 

The Hot Stiffs
Sweet Tooth Nelson 
and Brian James Chepya 

With DJs: Girlbro and Stoopkid 

Come through and enjoy some art for a good cause!


in the meantime, check this glorious Haitian gospel music. you might recognize it from Flatbush Ave. 


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