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it’s almost the first tuesday of March so mark your calendar: we’re back at Sycamore for a night of reading and drinking and maybe some strumming. There won’t be any “featured readers” this month because, guess what, EVERYONE IS A FEATURED READER. you can e-mail us in advance ( or just sign up when ya get there, and you’ll have a whole stage and mic and audience of eager ears at your disposal. You can sit on the stool or not, we leave that decision to you. IN BRIEF:

March 5th
the basement @ Sycamore
take the Q to Courtelyou
bring a friend,a dollar, and your heart, champ.

also, side note, if you’re going to throw your money at one employee-abusing, small-business-annihalating, economy-destroying corporation for your summer wardrobe, try making it one that doesn’t care what republicans think.




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It’s An Apocalyptic Birthday

On February 5th, the monthly Tuesday gathering of the Post Apocalyptic Poets celebrated a year of getting together and sharing some soul. While it was the last night for featuring featured readers, it was a night with plenty of firsts. It was Nora Curry’s first reading on our side of the pond since her return from saving the agricultural  veggie world in Ireland. It was Matthew Burgess’ first Sycamore reading ever gracing the bar basement chapel. Ed Kearns brother showed up! His brood continues to grow into happy familiars at Sycamore.  And it was the first showing of Post Apocalyptic Chapbook ISSUE 6! So Badass. Ever a humble dollar, get in touch with Margie or Will to snag a copy.

-Recent Flu Survivor and Always Dabbler with a Pen,



Here’s a sneak peek inside ISSUE 6:

“In any event there was no way out and the phone was ringing. It was cold and the treetops were bare but so what so were the bottoms. What happens in the medicine garden doesn’t stay in the medicine garden. In any event no one in the airport really thought that woman was a terrorist, because probably she was just sad. The melted fire alarm is somebody’s fault. We wished good things for the ash tree and hid the remains. For which no one is sorry.”

– Excerpt from “how to make kindling pt.1” by Nora Curry