1. soon it will be April 2nd, the first Tuesday of April, and we will be gathered in the basement at Sycamore Bar and Flower Shop to read poetry, sing musics, and have drinking. The new chapbook will be out for your eyes to digest into brain-nutrients, and as always, it only costs your silly broke butt a one dollar bill. so c’mon down! we’ll be there at 9 , we’ll be there til whenever we feel like it, it’s all open mic all  night. please give us all your friendship.


2. it is our honor to tell you about You Should be Here, a new monthly femme-based zine put together by the ferociously talented Hannah Clayman.  

Check out the blog:
Like the facebook:
And if you’re a writer/artist and a lady, submit your glorious works to:

because fuck yeah, yeah? yeah!

3. in the spirit of women being goddamn awesome at all things poetic, here’s something for your day:

CAREENING – by Leah Umansky

Was a worse-now torture.  I will break this network and it is too, too hot. There  are two splendid littles, but it is hardly worthwhile. The three hunters were too many. A thousand plans now, but stay there. All words and motions are disagreeable.

I shall always be a balm. I shall continue on without being. Without being able to explain to myself, but to know the whole life will happen.

Will be, not meaningless / will be, not before/ will be, full of the deep and fuller / and I will impress it.

That is intentional – the marked . Re-think, and it feels like a truth.

The big hot end of a day is great/ is greater/ is greater even grated whole.

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