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We Were On the Radio and Right Now For Sale.

Her name is not Nora Jones, it is Nora Curry, and here you can listen to her voice and some others:

The Poets of the Apocalypse Ride Again, Plus Nora Jones.

also, Ryan Skrabalak, America’s favorite wacky neighbor, is selling editions of his first chapbook, “sz,” each with a different (unique! collectible!) cover. and it is full of beautiful words that will make you feel too many things. it’s a meager 6 dollars, payable by paypal/check/$order. to get on that, message him here, or at his personal blog (thecloudmerchant.wordpress.com/) where you will find other writings and things of interest about ryan. or, you may order via e-mail at rskrab@gmail.com. don’t be a shameful chance-waster.

and in the meantime,

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