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Best Cheap Haircuts

here’s hoping spring morning birds for all your new days. love, will machi and margie sarsfield. 

Best Cheap Haircuts

It was the homeowning age;
                   having one foot
                  out the door and remembering
                   forgetting the coat, the hat
           and/or the shoes (either/or)
           one can say I am
                   missing these
                    and my foot

            is unfondleable. Would a stranger
            fuck you, buy you a house, expect you
                   to keep a track?
                                        Take the loan. Buy the
                     penny, luckless
          growing with each new discovery
          like one keeps bumping into

dinosaur bones. Brushed dainty and swift
copper – rushed back the chopper
                    no more mire

             conspiracy theory, the kind
                      gone deeper into anyone could
                      have imagined it is no longer
               a conspiracy theory
                              it is a sincerity theory.
                It’s an earnestness epidemic.
                      Out coatless in the leaping North
                           tunnels under Buffalo

a shitty place to vacation.
                   A marrying age;
                   a bird
                   and a bird and a bird and 
                   many others like it,
                   that we resemble

in our birdhomes. seeds out.
                     feed me feed him feed
                     us, sounded out
                                                     in mouths on and on.
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with love,
nora curry/will machi/ryan skrabalak/margie sarsfield/charly himmel

we wrote this for you.

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