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it’s almost the first tuesday of March so mark your calendar: we’re back at Sycamore for a night of reading and drinking and maybe some strumming. There won’t be any “featured readers” this month because, guess what, EVERYONE IS A FEATURED READER. you can e-mail us in advance (its.postapocalyptic@gmail.com) or just sign up when ya get there, and you’ll have a whole stage and mic and audience of eager ears at your disposal. You can sit on the stool or not, we leave that decision to you. IN BRIEF:

March 5th
the basement @ Sycamore
take the Q to Courtelyou
bring a friend,a dollar, and your heart, champ.

also, side note, if you’re going to throw your money at one employee-abusing, small-business-annihalating, economy-destroying corporation for your summer wardrobe, try making it one that doesn’t care what republicans think.




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