Nora Curry

is Brooklyn born, raised, and schooled, and expends most of her energy on not letting her sappiness seep into and erode her poetry. Her only aspirations are to read lots of books, share lots of poems, and feed good food to good people somewhere very green.

George del Valle

was born and raised in Brooklyn. He’s never been on an air plane. He’s also never intentionally worn a wig. He has written poems about things. He’s a neo-platonist. He prefers lucky strikes, but is happy to smoke what you hand him. He reads lots of Dante and lots of novels about tenderness which make him cry. And when drunk, he cries in Spanish. He’s shy, but loves you. He has never been published. About this, he is not bitter. 

Will Machi

Catholic school and a penchant for taking things too far. Never knows when to quit, but often gives up. Is down to listen to music in large groups but only if he decides what music will be listened to. Would probably find better luck DJing than writing poetry, but is too paranoid to bring his records anywhere outside of his bedroom. Has stolen many things with intent to give them as presents later. Writes poems about Rochester, the jews, and his mother, typically all at once.

Margie Sarsfield

is actually from Long Island but shut up. Short and bitter, she has questions about her own hair color, the mechanical processes of toasters, and the spiritual life of elephants. She hasn’t been published anywhere and, in retrospect, she should have become a carpenter. 

Ryan Skrabalak

hails from upstate new york and writes poems about you. he is a co-editor of tottenville review, and has work published in slice, the brooklyn review, stone canoe, among other nice things. this year he made significant strides with his apiphobia.

Celia Vargas

is from the Bronx, but she secretly lives inside Carmen San Diego’s hat. She enjoys many things and thinks people are pretty interesting. She writes some and lives a simple life. She likes to think she’s pretty obvious.


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